Chimney Cleaning

According to The National Fire Protection Association; “Chimneys shall be inspected at least once a year….”

Keeping Connecticut homes safe from chimney fires is the number one priority at Strictly Chimneys llc. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your home's chimney can help to avoid that danger. The chimney flue gets dirty from the accumulation of creosote.

A wood-burning stove or fireplace requires careful maintenance...

When wood is burned it creates creosote (a highly flammable by-product of the burning of wood). As the smoke from a fire makes its way up through your chimney and out of your home, creosote deposits on the flue liner and smoke chamber. One spark from a fire, floating up into your chimney, can ignite this creosote and cause a chimney fire. This danger can be alleviated through the regular sweeping of your chimney. Creosote, in its soft, brushable form, can be removed during a standard cleaning by our trained technicians.

Deposit Buildup

Your furnace, water-heater and boiler expel gases that build up deposits on the inside of your chimney flue. These deposits need to be swept out along with any other debris that may have accumulated. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) say that all flues should be inspected annually and cleaned when needed to ensure that the flue is intact and venting properly.

In the event of a Flue Blockage which may be caused by creosote or other debris such as animal nesting, dangerous fumes can be forced into your home.

Proper Maintenance Is Important

Chimney sweeping is a vital service to protect the health and safety of your family and home. All chimneys, including the chimney for your furnace, should be inspected annually with cleaning performed as needed.

Chimney inspections and cleaning help prevent costly and damaging chimney fires!

Factors To Consider

How often your chimney will need to be cleaned depends on several factors, some guidelines to consider are:

• How often you use it.
• The type of wood/fuel that is burned.
• The moisture content of the fuel.

While those guidelines may help, the Chimney Safety Institue of America (CSIA) recommends that a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep inspects your solid fuel venting system annually, and cleans and repairs it whenever needed to keep to your chimney in top condition.

Sweeps You Can Trust

For more information about chimney cleaning be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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